July 27, 2008

Me for US President!

Vote for me! Go on, you know I'll make it a safer place for the cats of the world :o)

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July 25, 2008


So the new Snapper card's slowly being introduced to Wellington. I'd vaguely thought about it and figured I'd probably have to get one before they phase out the 10 trip bus tickets for those days when it's too miserable to walk to/from work.

That was until I read MiramarMike's post here about their privacy policy. Or rather our lack of privacy!

I may still have to resort to buying one if I don't want to pay the bus cash price (at 25% more than with a Snapper card), but I'll definitely be limiting my use of it to public transport only!

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July 11, 2008

The score so far

Einstein the rat 286 - Kris nil.

So, I finally bit the bullet and got the professionals in. With a bit of luck his demise will be imminent!

Then I can get in repair bods to replace the dishwasher hose he's chewed through (flooding the kitchen in the process), the dishwasher power cord, the earth wire at the back of the fridge and the fridge power cord.


The next time my darling Great White and Silver Tabby Hunter decides on the catch and release program, I'm calling Paul the exterminator immediately!!

For anyone that's in need of pest control in the Wellington area, check out PestProof on 0800 776633. Very nice, very thorough. And, if he catches them in the live hook traps, he takes them to the SPCA to be euthanised humanely. Which impressed the hell out of me.

And just cos it's been way too long since I shared, here's another photo of the Great White and Silver Tabby Hunter for your viewing pleasure.


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