May 31, 2008

Rest in peace, dearest Chipper

Thanks H. for giving me a call last night to let me know that dear old Chipper was euthanised yesterday. He really was a great old age, and I know that his final years in the shelter really were happy. He had his mates and was adored by all the volunteers. He'll be sadly missed. Hopefully, if there is an afterlife, he's now back hanging out with Dahlia and Jonah.



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May 16, 2008


Ok, so a couple of years ago when I was down visiting my Dad, my Gran, who's now 96 asked me if I wanted any of her stuff when she died. Now while her stuff is lovely, in a delicate china sort of way, most of it's really just not me. And I didn't want to ask for any of the valuable pieces that I might be tempted to sell, cos it certainly wouldn't fit in my house and look like it belonged and anything I inherited from her I wanted to be able to keep. So in desperation, after saying "It's not really me Gran" to everything she'd offered, I finally lit on "The Gong".

Now this is something I can remember being fascinated with as a kid, and, well, it really is something. I'd always thought it was something that her and Poppa had brought back from Spain when they went on their trip, but as it turns out, it belonged to my great grandmother (no idea where she got it).

Anyhow, when I was down south last weekend, Gran asked me if I'd take The Gong back with me. To which there really is only one reply, isn't there?

So now I'm the ?proud? owner of a rather unique dinner gong. It's currently sitting on my DVD shelf until I figure out where it's going to live. Any ideas on the appropriate spot for an item like this??

And yes, those are silver tipped bulls horns I believe.

On a different note, this morning, after spending most of this week feeling blissed out by hitting the waterfront on my walk to work just on sunrise, I finally thought to take my camera.

And then on the way home...

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May 13, 2008

Slideshow Monty

Picassa now give you the ability to embed slideshows of your galleries into your web pages, so I thought I'd give it a go. Featuring the boy, of course :o)

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May 08, 2008

Random geek-thoughts

Non sequitur from workmate #1 addressed to the 3 of us in hearing:
"Which would you rather have, a water cooler or a meat cone?"

Me and workmates 2 & 3:

Workmate 2:
"A what?"

Workmate 1:
"A meat cone. You know, the thing they put the big slabs of meat on and spin round to cook for kebabs."

Rest of us:

Workmate 1:
"It'd be so cool - we could all have big meaty sandwiches every day."

Workmate 2:
"But why is it that OR a water cooler?"

To which there's really no answer.

A few minutes later during a discussion on climate change...

Workmate 3:
"What I spend time thinking about is how much would the water levels rise if there were no sponges in the sea."

I soooo work with geeks. Sweet, but very strange geeks.

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May 04, 2008

Current Score

Einstein 60-something: Kris and the various rodent traps, nil

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