May 18, 2005


My big break arrived - I've got to get up at 5am tomorrow to go out to Port Melbourne and shift furniture for two days! Things are looking up!

Seriously though, my bank balance has dipped below $500, and at some point I have to buy a ticket home out of that. I've collected a few dozen 'Dear Applicant - we have received an overwhelming response to this vacancy blah blah blah' emails, and so a couple of days manual labour - with an hour-long commute each way - looks like a significant breakthrough.

I've also been getting emails from the Department of Internal Affairs back in NZ - I applied for an admin assistant job that was going, just as a backup option, and they've offered to put me forward for two other positions as well, including one as a ministerial media secretary.

Going back to Wellington wouldn't be all that bad, especially not if I had a decent job waiting for me. The main difference it would make to my musical endeavours would be that I'd have people like Nigel, Warwick and Damian to jam with instead of Fran and Mike! And there's my electric guitar waiting, with the wah pedal I bought for the Fringe... Have to trade off maybe advancing my career in Wellington against the experience of being in a new country. On the other hand Melbourne's not THAT different from home, I haven't actually come very far. If nothing else I've learned a) don't trust sales people and b) don't trust temp agencies. Not sure who I actually can trust then?

On the other hand the NZ jobs might come to nothing, and Australian jobs in general are better paid than NZ ones - IF I can somehow get one. My goals are to get money together to make a CD and then travel further next year, so probably doesn't make a difference which city I'm in - whichever one I can save most in would be best.

Limited Express (Has Gone?) were great - very uplifting Japanese rock with plenty of jumping around on stage. I missed them in Wellington because I was sick of 'the scene' and was avoiding Elisa in particular - so I probably enjoyed them more here than I would have there anyway, so that's a happy ending.

I got an email back from Elisa, who's trying to find her feet in London. Nice to be able to actually communicate with her again - a few thousand miles distance probably improves relations. She says London's not such a friendly place, and this is coming from someone who's naturally sociable. If Melbourne's hard enough to settle into (the people are friendly on an individual level, it's just the impersonality of job applications that sucks), I'm not sure if I can even be bothered with London. My precarious finances would be cleaned out in a couple of days probably.

Anyway, I've spent today on the internet doing my own stuff - have to go put in a couple of hours jobhunting for next week before everything closes...


How's this for more black comedy? Select Appointments, the clerical temp agency I signed up with a fortnight ago & who've been completely useless so far, finally came up with some work! It's for tomorrow, for which I'm already booked. Bloody typical.

[update of the update]

Select Appointments phoned again, with another job for tomorrow - typing/formatting a document for the Department of Sustainability & the Environment. Since that's the kind of organisation I want to work for, and it's a 20-minute rather than a 60-minute commute, I took it. It's only for a day though, and will I have blown my chances with the labouring work? I phoned to say I could do Friday but not Thursday - but will they accept that or just drop me? Stay tuned...

[update of the update of the update]

I had my morning's work typing up a report - nothing too challenging. The subject looked interesting as it was about salinity, which is a big issue for the world, with irrigation increasing the salt content of soils. I didn't learn a lot about the subject though - the report was more a debrief from a focus group meeting they'd had, and was all about communications strategy. The annoying thing was that I was told there was another job after that - but then it fell through, so I was sent home after 4 1/2 hours work.

I have missed out on the furniture shifting tomorrow, but luckily the other agency (for backpackers) got my message in time yesterday so weren't angry. I've got two days furniture shifting in town instead - on Saturday and Sunday (6.45am starts again), which could rule out jamming with Mike & Fran and therefore sucks. But my funds are getting down to the wire and so beggars can't be choosers...

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