May 20, 2005

bad taste blog entry

I'm going to be pretty wasted this weekend - Nick Cave concert
tonight, followed by getting up at 5.30am Saturday, shifting furniture
for ten hours, going round to Mike's place to hopefully jam (and watch
the first new episode of Doctor Who!), then Curseovdialect (great
Aussie hiphop crew whose album I bought a couple of weeks ago) gig
Saturday night, then 5.30am start and ten hour heavy labouring shift
again on Sunday.

Tomorrow I will have been in Australia two months (and I'm a couple of grand poorer for it).

I'm not sure that I'm in good shape at the moment. It's time to move out of this flat, mainly because I can't afford $100pw rent but also partly because there are cockroaches. The new flat is in Coburg, the next suburb north. I'm not at my photogenic best since that zit next to my eye has been stubbornly not going away and I've also got an ugly one next to my mouth and smaller ones between my eyebrows. I haven't had them this bad in years - maybe it's some problem other than acne?

I do believe your body reflects what's going on in your life. At least I'm not getting hair falling out from stress this time. Might be lack of sunshine or exercise, or most likely I've had too many of those cheap wafer biscuits with fake cream that you get here (my diet = good healthy meals + surplus sugary crap). The price of kiwifruit is down so I should eat those instead - still an irritating lack of feijoas in the shops here, and it's getting late in the season now. I'll just have to ask my family to save me some bottled ones from Megan's trees.

Australians not having figured out that feijoas are a delicious & tangy fruit (though they are supposedly grown here) is one example of NZ's cultural superiority. Others include the smog over Melbourne - and the air just doesn't smell as good here - and the way Australians love their marijuana but always spoil it by mixing in tobacco, which just makes me dizzy and gives me sore lungs the next day. Not that I've been smoking recently. Pot weakens the immune system and it's bothering me a bit the thought that if I come down sick, going to the doctor would wipe me out financially. Winter's approaching so I have to be careful.

I'm in a precarious position but hopefully I hit rock bottom and am
now starting to claw my way back up - a bit of work this week is a
good sign. I underestimated the difficulty of finding work, so just
quitting Origin rather than formally notifying them and doing more
jobhunting while I was still there was a mistake on my part.

Anyway, off to Nick Cave gig in an hour or so - will try and grab some sleep beforehand...

Posted by fiffdimension at May 20, 2005 08:25 PM | TrackBack

mm, pot has not good impact on health.

i smoked for the first time in a month the other night. woke up the next morning and remembered why i'd stopped for a month. it's just not as much fun as it ought to be.

do 'curseovdialect' include anthony pateras? he came and did a show here at happy with a couple of other guys and a girl. i forget their names, but there were two djs as part of it, DJ Arsecrack and DJ Tittyfuck/DJ Ginette Howard.

arsecrack was the greatest single musical event i have seen for a very long time. they crew are from melbours, keep your eyes peeled, i can greatly recommend.

Posted by: Damian at May 23, 2005 12:03 PM
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