February 08, 2005


Good news and bad news. Bad news is that the weeding job's been canned. Fergus the boss is sick, looks like taking a couple of weeks to get over, and he needs to check in occasionally to supervise the work. So he's having to pull out of the contract. Bummer, especially when I need to be saving to travel. I still have the proofreading job but it's much better to work outdoors on a fine day. Sitting in front of a computer all day makes me feel woozy by the end.

Good news is that Nigel & I have got an interview tomorrow with a reporter from the Wellingtonian about the Ascension Band show (ok so the reporter was in my journalism class last year). We're also on the front page of www.thebigidea.co.nz - now if only we can get a bit of radio airplay so people will click that this show's going to be worth seeing. The budget's looking pretty tight - is it going to be worth forking out to Sticky Fingers for a poster run?

There're a couple of mp3s up on http://ascension05.tripod.com if you want a preview.

The other thing the last few days is that I've fallen in love with the wah pedal I borrowed off Nigel - will have to get my own now. It really opens up new possibilities. If you don't know, it's basically a potentiometer which alters the relative bass/treble of the sound. So you can leave it in one position to create a sharp or muffled sound, or you can rock it back and forth to alter the sound as it's played and get all kinds of spacey effects. Jimi Hendrix, Frank Zappa and numerous 70s rockers used it (the intro to 'Voodoo Chile' is one of the great wah moments) but it must have become a cliche and gone out of fashion. I don't do cliches though, partly because I wouldn't know how, so I'm finding it really interesting. You can get a whole range of sounds out of just one note. And you get to use a leg as well as your arms to play, so it's getting closer to the full-body workout that drummers have.

The Waitangi Day / Bob Marley day concert was fun. I missed most of it because I was down at Lyall Bay having a swim - water was great. I went to Oriental Bay in the harbour on Saturday and it was full of jellyfish, so not so appealing. Wellington also had fireworks for Chinese New Year, and there was a unicyclist riding around the Basin Reserve cricket ground all weekend trying to set a world record. Just to keep things interesting...


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The jellyfish I see in Wellington harbour are Aurelia, otherwise known as "moon jelly" - their stingers are too small to penetrate human skin. They're the ones with four circles at the top with the translucent kind of bag shaped floaty bit (terrible description, sorry - can see some here: "http://www.seafriends.org.nz/indepth/nd005.htm).">http://www.seafriends.org.nz/indepth/nd005.htm).">http://www.seafriends.org.nz/indepth/nd005.htm). Admittedly I'm still not keen on coming into contact with them, but you're probably braver than me (I have crippling shark fear).

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