February 04, 2005

second rehearsal

Rehearsal the other night went alright, Atsushi looking very chastised & sober. We're still working through the piece a section at a time, he'll probably have more fun when he gets to do his screaming about Nagasaki bit. We also had two trumpeters squabbling over having to share a microphone. Not sure about this new guy Sam who Nigel brought along, he was disrupting the first practice a lot by doing his little bop licks at inappropriate moments (ie while Nigel's trying to talk) thus slowing the whole evening down and then on Wednesday he didn't like having Jason there (who's musically a bit quiet & shy but has been there since the start - you can see him on the DVD but he was too nervous to get in front of a mic on stage so he's completely inaudible). Sam's 34, you'd think he'd have developed a little bit of maturity by then.

Other than that it went pretty well, show's on target. I had a listen to the rehearsal recording and it's very promising - a new level beyond what we'd done last year (which was itself a quantam leap up from what I'd done before that - the music's growing almost exponentially). Two rehearsals til the first performance at Happy, so that one could be a little loose which I think is fine. Then another rehearsal and two more performances where it should get tight. Nigel says he's getting us a string section and a female singer too but haven't seen them yet.

There are two things I'm slightly nervous about: 1) that we won't get enough of an audience to break even, and 2) that all the amps at the Newtown performance will blow a fuse in the building and the show will come to a screeching halt. I made a mistake in setting the ticket prices way too low for an event of this scale (the Fringe programme includes solo theatre pieces with $15 tickets - we're charging $6 for a full works big band + multimedia presentation), but that just means extra value for the audience... here's hoping they show up.

The Fringe show's my attempt at bowing out of Wellington on a high note. I've had at least one offer of a couch to stay on in Melbourne. It's only six weeks to go so the apprehension is hitting. I also have to get my passport updated, set up an Australian bank account etc. Things are pretty good for me at the moment, I've got work but with a minimum of pressure and the show to look forward to. Can't last forever, but a change will be good.

I also added to the http://ascension05.tripod.com site - there's an mp3 there if you want a snippet of the work in progress...

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