February 09, 2005

third rehearsal

My horoscope for Wednesday said my reputation was going to suffer a series of blows but I had to remain calm and articulate myself. It could be something to do with the ACC bill for withholding tax from way back in 2003 for an article I wrote for Real Groove and a couple of days work for Gibson Group. And my internet bill’s bigger than I thought. And I’ve got all these expenses coming down with the Melbourne trip – getting a new passport and an Australian bank account, and going to the dentist. I’m sure there’ll be more hidden costs I haven’t found yet. I might not be able to afford to go to New Plymouth for WOMAD after all… :-(

So this was exactly the wrong time for the weeding job to fall through. And with the summer weather finally arriving I’d much rather be outdoors than doing the office job. I had another swim in Oriental Bay today – at least I can take time out to do that. The good thing with the proofreading job is that there’s a minimum of pressure. I’ve got enough to think about with the Fringe show. There’s an ongoing tension in my life between my art and work – they tend to impinge on each other. I probably should have been a professional musician – instead I studied film which was a complete red herring (the notion of studying something useful that I could have got a job out of seems never to have occurred to me). At least if I’d done a music degree I’d be proficient enough to play paying gigs. As it is I don’t have to worry about compromising since I don’t do it for money – in fact I run at a loss. And it’s a continual drain if I count the ‘opportunity cost’ of flitting between irregular low-paid casual jobs rather than getting a solid career happening. On the other hand it is a balancing act – not enough art effort and life gets empty, too much and I risk burnout. I’ll definitely be ready for a break from it after the Fringe.

I also wonder if there's some kind of middle-class guilt thing happening - I had a stable upbringing, never abused or had to go hungry so I have this urge to compensate by spending my time on uncommercial music, Don Quixote-style, just so I can be the most downwardly-mobile member of the family? It's not like I'm having to deal with anything like real poverty though. That'll take a few more albums & shows yet.

Today I had the experience of working with the media from the outside – Nigel & I were interviewed by Tane from the Wellingtonian for an article in next week’s issue. Whether it would have happened if I hadn’t been in a class with Tane last year is an open question. Tane worked hard and concentrated on the course last year – whereas in September when the pressure was on I was concentrating on putting Ascension Band together for the Meatwaters performance and consequently missed out shorthand and thus the diploma. So Tane’s got a fulltime job and I’m still not much more than a bum.

I also did an email interview with www.thebigcity.co.nz which should come out in the next few days. And then there are the other newspapers, the Package, Radio Active and maybe even Concert FM to get onto. We need all the free publicity we can get – I’ve been playing with the budget spreadsheet and it says for every $50 we spend on posters we need 3-4 more paying people in the door to each show. But will the posters attract that many extra people?? I just don’t know, I need expert advice on this.

We can also bring the break even point closer quite significantly by selling copies of the Live 2004 DVD – so if you want one, please get in touch. It’s a good bit of local history…

Third rehearsal tonight, making good progress through the piece. We’ve got most of the structure down, but it probably sounded better last week. Too much loud stuff this time, getting a bit sludgy. It needs more space. And it’s hard to play guitar when it’s hot – fingers get slippery, strings go out of tune. We’ll get there though. We’ve added another two rehearsals to the schedule so it’ll be a tight show, well worth seeing…

Enough sales pitch, I’ve got to do more of it tomorrow and at the Fringe opening on Friday. I was never good enough at schmoozing to get regular film work, but can I make myself do it to get people to come to my show?


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