November 03, 2006

Songs and Semantics

I've spent most of the day going through my CD collection looking for music appropriate for a funeral - and a 'undetermined circumstances' funeral at that. It's a real hard thing to kind of tiptoe around the issues too. Can I use the words/assumption of suicide when I speak about her? It will just be a pointless, tasteless farce if not.

But, we don't get the coroner's verdict for months. So, officially...

And oh man I hope my parents don't try to christianise the service, because christians considering suicide a mortal sin, so won't that mean she's, uh, in hell right now? Will they have it in a church? School hall? Bloody movie-set looking funeral home?

I'm flying up on Sunday morning. How on earth am I supposed to have a civil and fraught funeral-arrangements conversation with my parents when I can hardly imagine looking at them without a very dirty look?

Posted by phreq at November 3, 2006 03:44 PM | TrackBack

oh no! i am so sorry to read that, i am crying for you, my heart is with you my friend. I too have lost someone dear, today is the funeral. last night was the veiwing. its so gut wrenching. you have my sympathy gf, its been so long since we talked. we always seem to hit the similar marks in our lives at the same time in a lot of ways. different situations. major hugs my friend, God be with you and give you strength, always, luv Tracy

ps- how bout the song by dolly parton or whittney houston, "I will always love you"
contact me anytime jen, i miss u.

Posted by: tracy at November 4, 2006 03:08 AM

I'm really sorry for your loss. (Yes, you don't know me, but my thoughts are with you). Take care now.

Posted by: Eithne at November 14, 2006 11:46 AM
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