September 17, 2005


There are 2 teeny-tiny ducklings in the river (Avon) near my house. They are very cute, but seem rather early - it's only mid-September, after all.

I went down with Sock to vote and didn't have to wait or anything, it was great and very easy. The elections are very well-managed and convenient in NZ, I always think.

Is anyone going to any Party parties?

Bizarre fact: I went to the Christian H-for-Hipocracy Party election night party in 1999. They failed to make it over the threshold, and my more cynical mates and I scented defeat pretty early and left. What that party did have was a lot of soggy snax crackers, no alcohol, bad juice and terrible sound equipment. I went because at that time, the church I went to backed the CHP and told people to vote for them from the pulpit. I didn't follow this instruction (did I mention my cyncism?) and got a lot of "guilts" from group leaders.

I guess that inbetween all that speaking in tongues and falling on the floor in the name of the Spirit in would have been pretty hard to hear Jesus actually speaking to you and telling you - um, gift of seeing the present, the leader of that Party is raping young girls!!!

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