September 04, 2005

Hail Fellow Ironically Named

I'm pretty damn depressed at the moment and I'm not entirely sure why. I think the New Orleans thing has something to do with it, though. The specter of it taking 5 days for the richest, most advanced country in the world to get help to its own people - god, the tsunami relief was faster and in much more challenging terrain.

The elections also make me sad, and angry. Everyone seems bent on fighting and destroying and hurting each other and if we'd all just grow up a bit we could make things so much better. But it's always a fight for the next sound-bite, the next snide remark, the next carefully stage-managed "gaffe".

I miss Ruby so much. She was such an awesome cat. Sock is great but Ruby was more 'mine'. Or maybe it's just that I had Ruby for longer, and that I had a different relationship with her than I can expect to get from a dog.

God I gotta get my meds sorted out, I'm sitting here crying my eyes out for absolutely zero detectable reason, so I don't think they are optimally adjusted to help my mood. Also I whacked my foot on Monday evening and it's still pretty sore, but not sore or strange-looking enough to bother with a doctor, who always make me feel like a complete wuss in any pain situation.

Is there a Complaining Olympics? I could probably take out the "Constant Whining" and "Bitching" categories. I'm not really a contender in the "Rage-o-hol" event (being a sleepy drunk) or in the "High-Pitched Nasal" categories though...

But at the end of the day, you gotta laugh:
Identity 2005, a convention for companies in the identity-theft-protection business scheduled for later this month in Dana Point, Calif., has announced its keynote speakers.

Their names? Orson Swindle and Colin Crook. Proof that I'm not making it up.

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I always find that when Iím depresses, a) things hurt more, and b) I feel less able to cope with the pain.

Iím on new meds which seem to be helping me to cope better with life the universe and everything.

That Identity thing is classic!

Posted by: Fi at September 5, 2005 10:43 PM
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