March 28, 2005

No, It's Not a 'Personal Massager'

It's a hair-clipping razor thing, ok? It just sounds a lot like a vibrator... and the dog is addicted to it being used on her tummy.

I bought a $12 hair-clipper from the warewhare today. It simulataneously solved my dog-grooming and leg-hair-removal problems. (Some would suggest an new category: 'Bitch Maintenance'). For twelve bucks! Sweet. I can't believe I didn't think of it before. I never have to spend money on waxing or endure cuts from 'safety' razors. Bwuhahahaha! Free from the tyrrany of razors and tweezers! Free I tells ya!

Also, it came with 3 length guides which means I can cut Sock's coat properly - short on the head and V into the chest, feathering on backs of front legs, not on hind... I will probably screw it up right royally the first few times, but humiliation is a great teacher so I will learn fast. A semi-bald-in-places dog is not a good look unless it is a poodle (and not even then. Urrgh!)

I don't know why the placebo effect is deemed to be a bad thing. I think it's a wonderful thing! I have decided to give my Tiger's Eye and Jasper crystals to Leon to take on his trip. Tiger's Eye is associated with digestion and the abdomen, and also with laughter. Jasper is a high-energy stone associated with tissue regeneration and sex. I might see if I can get a wee piece of moss agate as well from somewhere, cos I think it's to do with intergenerational harmony and family.

It might sound fruity but I don't care. I get a lot of comfort from my crystals, even if it's just from their beauty. Science seems to accept the whole "bubble-gum-pink for prisons" thing, so why would the beauty and colours of precious stones be any different?

Posted by phreq at March 28, 2005 08:47 PM | TrackBack

Nothing wrong with any form of personal massage. Shout loud shout proud.

I never quite know when to keep my mouth shut. I havent worked out if its a disadvantage yet.

Posted by: Vincent at March 29, 2005 05:09 PM

I was kinda worried because I have 11 neighbours and thin walls... and the constant buzzing at 3am might have raised a few eyebrows!

Keeping one's mouth shut is only for those with nothing original to say. I say, comment on!

I have a terminal case of foot-in-mouth myself. Occasionally I shut up, but only to change feet.

Posted by: phreq at March 29, 2005 05:57 PM

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