March 14, 2005

This Could Cause Problems

At Book City, shoppers face an entire floor of English-learning materials. One, ''Love English,'' offers pick-up lines and pillow talk with cultural hints. Among its instructions: that '' 'I'm bored' really means: 'Do you want to have sex?' '' Practice cassettes are included. -

It reminds me of a dictionary/phrase-book I read about and I can't remember the author of - it was called "English As She Is Spoke".

I found a neat quote from a book I am reading called "The Saint of Incipient Insanities" (Elif Shafak): I've been watching myself change. Now, I've started to think that falling in love is pretty much like falling for a miracle. Love, too, is about expectations and beliefs. You hope that still is a salvation for you and that someday someone special will make this possible. Isn't that longing for a miracle? Even when you know you should not expect much from this world, still something inside wants to resisit... and keep hoping... that you might be loved by the person you love.

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