March 14, 2005

Sad Way To Start

The gunman in Wisconsin that killed 7 and wounded 4 before shooting himself at an evangelical church meeting was remembered by his neighbours: "He said he never even shot a thing in his life," Mr. Colwell said. "The guy caught bunny rabbits in a humane trap and drove 20 miles to release them, because he didn't want to kill them."

I was thinking of this yesterday as I went for a drive around yesterday - through Prebbleton and Lincoln through Tai Tahu and Greenbank to Leeston and out to Rakaia. There were all these Cabbage White butterflies - hundreds of them - and I was trying not to hit them. I say a butterfly lying motionlesss on the road and another one fluttering around it. I wonder:

Was the butterfly
killed by a thundering car;
is the other flutterby
a butterfly bereft?
Or is her body
stretched now in welcome;
awaiting with eagerness
her butterfly kiss?

I purchased some blackcurrant honey from an apiary on the way. It's good honey, because it's not overly sweet - it's actually kind of like malted sweetness. And I stopped in at the free-range poultry place and got 6 eggs - I wanted a couple of nice big ones with strong shells because I'm going to give Alex a set of blown + painted eggs for Easter. It's almost impossible to blow a battery egg, their shells are like paper.

I found an article on curling in the nytimes that makes it sound like quite a neat sport. So maybe in the winter I will see if Canty goes curling. I really love ice-skating too, so I will see if there are rinks nearby. There is an outdoor one past Dunedin but that's a bit far to go.

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