March 12, 2005

Looks Like Hell To Me

Every Saturday I watch the end of that fishing show that's on before 3 News. Every time I see it the waves are choppier and the boat pitching more violently. I can't think of many jobs I would like less than filming endless fishing shows in ever-more-remote corners of the sea.

I could be the dude in the kitchen at the end, except for the part where I really don't eat any seafood except fish and even then it's gotta be of the fins 'n' scales variety. I ate lobster once. Caviar is nice. But prawns and other spindly-leggy things are not on my personal menu. They remind me of little embryonic alien babies.

Today I've been painting snakes and dots on a big (over 1 a metre square) red canvas. I rather like snakes. I'd rather be in a locked room with a free snake than a free spider. Snakes make sense like rational animals, whereas spiders are just scritchy jumpy things with too many legs. Bleh.

However I realised through mentioning this painting to several friend that many people are quite likely just as uncomfortable with snakes. So if you don't like snakes, think of it as a painting of Your Sperm On Acid.

Also, from the email files, here is a very artistic Most Painful Tattoo nominee. Not For The Kiddies.

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