March 12, 2005

Fish Farts and Bank Robbers

A bank robber in NY tried unsuccessfully to hold up two banks without a weapon. A couple of days later, a man walked into another bank to open an account.

Staff decided that the customer was the spitting image of the composite sketches of the bank robber, so the customer was held at the bank and interviewed by police.

As it turned out, the police had already solved the failed robberies - they arrested their suspect later that day. The customer was released after his interview with police.

And did he open an account? According to the bank manager, he said "Goodbye. Have a good day." and left.

I'm amazed he was so polite!

Also in NY, a woman was killed in a busy dentist's waiting room. Her ex-boyfriend tracked her down and shot her in front of her 11-yr-old daughter. He was already a convicted killer - in 1974 he killed another ex-girlfriend.

A housefire started by candles killed 11 people in a townhouse. They had moved in only a day or so beforehand and hadn't got the electricity connected. There were so many kids involved - 9 under the age of 18; the youngest, just 6 months old.

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And in the UK, a 12-yr-old boy was convicted of raping his teacher at a special needs centre for kids with severe learning disabilities and social problems. After raping her, he stole her car. He was given a non-parole period 21 months, but the judgement is that he is to be detained for life.

If it seems bizarre that serious scientists in Scotland should publish a study of farting in herrings, how improbable is it that they were almost beaten into print by a team of Swedish researchers who had discovered the same phenomenon? But that's great minds for you.

And finally... you know those movies that are so bad they're good? Well, a new broadcast called Bad Movies will feature from 9pm - 9am in the UK. It's devoted entirely to... well, Bad Movies!

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