December 17, 2004

Stop Doing That

I guess that is the easiest solution, but it doesn't even begin to answer my question.

I have a tv that uses bunny ears. I have had several different sets over various flats and reinventions so it's not just a weird anomaly of set. Why is it that when I rest my fingers inbetween the 'ears' my fingers ache? 'Cos they really, really hurt.

Unfortunately, fingers are sometimes necessary to hold the reception for epidsodes of 'The Simpsons'. Plastacine was tried but doesn't really cut it.

But more to the point (I'm sure duct tape will eventually adhere even metal rods to a concrete wall so the problem with the tv will resolve itself):

  1. what the hell is making my fingers so sore? and;

  2. what is it doing all the rest of the time, floating around in the air, lodging itself in fillings and radiating through bone and so paranoidly forth? and;

  3. is there any way to use that force to make little paper cars or something move? and;

  4. how comes it we never learnt practical stuff like this at school? and;

  5. is this how teletubbies came to be? could you implant a small screen in the stable fat tissue over the stomach and link it to a tiny tv receiver and aeriel (possibly an external tv pack). I know you can get all those components seperately, so how hard would the surgery be? It would be worth the pain and disfigurement for the general hilarity of the photographs.

hmm. That could be fun, you know. Even doing the whole thing externally without the surgery. I wonder if I could find a small lcd screen that I can link the tv and aeriel to and stash the lot in a backpack with the screen taped to/in a reinforced sweatshirt?

hmm. I wonder if this is how some of the Darwin Awards got started.

This is why I am seeking clarification about the mysterious intense pain before strapping the apparatus to my person.


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