October 22, 2004

No, I Have Not Evaporated

It's taken me ages to get online and now I have little to say. That's never stopped me blogging before though.

Today I finally got an appointment with my psychiatrist, after several frustrating weeks of trying, and she immediately played around with my meds and also with support and stuff so hopefully (hopefully) things will get a little easier in the time between now and having to go and see the Eating Disorders team, which should hopefully happen in a few weeks.

I think part of the reason why things have turned to shit a little in the last week is doing my ribs in, because I find it so hard to be in pain and not get help. I also went to see my GP in hopes of getting some help from her, but maybe I caught her on a bad day or something, because she was basically quite nasty to me! To the point where I think I will have to ask my mental health workers, or my my psychiatrist, to recommend a GP that's had a bit more experience in mental health and won't tell me "Well there's no point in giving you supplements; if you won't eat normal food, why would you eat them? It'd be a waste."

Went out to New Brighton the other day and caught up with Jas, Dave and Reekem (probably not all how it's spelt) who have got a neat little flat out there, very close to the beach (where isn't, in NB?!) - it also has this conservatory/sunroom place that would be hot enough to kill most houseplants. Jas imported all his sports memorabilia [read: crap] so it's quite hard to comment on the rest of the decor!

Hmm. I might go sleep now and see if I have anything more interesting to say tomorrow. And because my lovely psychiatrist gave me all sorts of interesting pills today I will actually *get* some sleep. Without nightmares. Fingers crossed!

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