October 07, 2004

Cable Lust

How big is your pipe? ... Broadband just rocks, I could fall in love with this very easily indeed. So very smooth, fast and powerful. I can read my email and the paper and my blog all at the same time without waiting endlessly for pages to load. Bliss.

Well as you may have guessed I'm not in Kansas anymore... I'm in the land of {you know, I have no idea what his nickname is. Let's call him Mr. X}, which is much more accomodating and less confusing than the land of Oz. I suspect his computer works better, as well. Fewer levers and steam, at any rate.

Last night I went out for a drink with Sok and {Mr. Y}, which was good fun, especially as I could live vicariously through Sok and get someone to drink beer based soley on an amusing name. I don't drink beer - just the smell puts me off - but all the beers have such interesting names! Wanaka Brewski just sounds so cute... was it nice, incidentally?

I shall catch up wtih my family at some point while I'm here but I think I will put off an extended visit until Matt comes up on the 12th. It's always a bit easier when there are two "novelties" at one time, because it splits the focus.

Last night (I think I was tired, too, which makes me more sensitive to these things) I was sitting in the lounge with Sok and Giffy and {Mr. X} and {Mr. Y} and there were 2 seperate conversations as well as the TV on. All of a sudden I was just like AAAAAAAAAAAH! Shush! One at a time! One at a time! ... silently, luckily... Hee hee hee. I finally understand why Mum went nuts when all 7 of us were talking simultaneously across one another while channel surfing.

I think I try to concentrate on all things simultaneously and this leads to brain fall-apart. The solution? Let's ask MacGuyver:

All I need is a paperclip, an ordinary drinking straw, and a can of hairspray. Also a convenient solar eclipse, an imbecilic guard, a rising tide, and some kind of rare goat. 'Cos you know, you can't provide to specification, I can't be held responsible. I mean, c'mon, you expect miracles?! Sheesh, I'm an actor, lady, not a freakin' wonder boy. Freakin' stalkers.

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phew so it wasn't just me with the noise!(see latest blog entry) wanaka brewski was quite yum actually :) I love microbrewed beer.

Posted by: sok at October 8, 2004 10:45 AM


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