September 04, 2004

Justice, Phil Goff Style

How is it justice to take compensation for abuse awarded to an inmate and give it to their original victims? It would seem to me that this is emotional reaction, not detached justice.

It just doesn’t make sense. Going up the chain of victimhood with all compensation makes it a culture of irredeemable error. The original victims are very likely criminals too – they went over the speed limit from time to time, or didn’t turn in that wallet they found to the cops, or threatened to “kill someone” occasionally. It’s just that the person who perpetrated a crime against them was caught, and the crime was “bigger”.

Justice in NZ relies on laws, checks, balances, and historical precedent. To suggest that a person convicted of a crime should be unable to pursue justice against another person who commits a crime against them is ludicrous. It’s not the same as a criminal profiting from their crime by selling books or memorabilia. It’s saying that with one strike, you lose all your human and legal rights. So there goes our mythical rehabilitative prison system.

Thank goodness Phil Goff is only an MP who shoots off his mouth for a public response, rather than a judge. I have a lot of respect for NZ’s judiciary, much more than for, say, the police or the government!

Hey did you guys know that in WWII Germans laid mines in the Hauraki Gulf and sunk the Niagara, and also attacked and sunk the Turakina in the Tasman? I had no idea that they were actually that close to NZ… makes the Home Guard seem a little less laughable.

What do people think of the latest Green gripe about Willie Munchright, the McDac’s animated character from the US? Seems to me that the Greens are perhaps getting their knickers in a twist. It’s not as if Willie is known in NZ or associated with McDonald’s in any way over here. My “altruism alarm” goes off regarding McD’s “gifting the character to the nation to use, free of charge” – but I think it is going to do much more good than harm. And thank goodness they’ve finally developed a public-service campaign that doesn’t cost the taxpayer!

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