May 28, 2004

news round-up

Thanks guys for your nice comments.... I had no idea Wes had gotten himself lost, I am glad you found him in time! And welcome home, Regs, I'll call you in the weekend when the phones are cheap :)

Today I found an article about blogging addiction which is probably not a serious problem for me as I glance back over my performance record!

Then I started thinking about all the news stories I hear once and never again. Like do you remember a few months ago that crematorium in the States was found that wasn't really cremating people? Never heard any more of that. And that bizarre Church arsenic poisoning, also in the States, also last year, never solved, to my knowledge. Then there are the long-term things that seem to flare up every few years, like the Ramsay case. And in Australia, that one about the English couple hitchiking where the boyfriend was killed? It's really strange, every single article I've seen has had things like "Girlfriend describes 'murderer'" - with like 'murder' or 'murderer' in quote marks. It makes her seem automatically dodgy, but I don't really have a reason to disbelieve her.

Moscow has told the world that it has contained the laboratory outbreak of ebola. That was all it rated, a tiny article in the AP section of an overseas newspaper. But for some reason when China reports a laboratory outbreak of SARS, it's all over Time and Newsweek and on the 6pm news. I don't trust the Russian health system any more than the Chinese one, personally. And SARS has only about a 10% death rate, whereas certain strains of ebola are up around 70-90% mortality. Odd. But then again, maybe not, given that Bush is courting the Russians but trying to put pressure on China. Russia is too valuable in the WOT/Iraq, whereas China's always a pain in the ass over North Korea and Hong Kong.

Well that's my uninformed opinion of the news media, what's yours?! :)

Lol oh and I found a review of the movie "The Day After Tomorrow". This was at the end of it... for some reason it strikes me as funny:
""The Day After Tomorrow" is rated Pg-13. Millions of people die, but nobody swears, copulates, undresses or takes drugs."

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gyah. i soo don't know why i spend anytime reading papers or watching the news. i now automatically assume they've put a slant on the article!!

they're totally dragging that woman in the hitchhiker killing thru the mud. apparently, her and the guy who got killed not having the best or more exclusive relationship automatically makes her testimony about what happened and who killed him suspect? what the hell does that have to do with anything??

i think i amuse my workmate whenever i've been catching up on current events, cos i rant at him about the evilness of america and the media for the next 15 minutes!!

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