May 26, 2004

return once again from the internet wilderness

You know, if I drew a self-portrait, I would look like Pig-pen, out of Peanuts, with this kind of accumulation of distaster around me. Having been briefly employed I got sick and now have to stop work, in the process losing $600. Which really just proves that I'm not a capitalist. Or something. But my appendix has now been removed and I have three scars and an angry discharge letter from the hospital (they were mad because I went home; I went home because the pain relief wasn't working and they weren't listening to me)

I need a bracelet that says "This person is not a drug addict. It's just that morphine is really about the only thing that works. Really." My body is missing a bunch of enzymes and stuff that process drugs and a lot of chemicals simply have no effect on me whatsoever. But try explaining that to an unknown doctor when it's 4 in the morning and you have "stomach pain" and you get my frustrated drift....

So anyway with stitches and all the rest I can't really work for a while (particularly not in a bakery and lifting things all day long) and having just started I get no sick pay so I'm essentially down $600 and counting, because I have to pay to go to the dr tomorrow to get a medical certificate to get back on the benefit. And if it weren't for David I don't know what the hell I was expected to do. I mean, what do people do? Except go on the game. Thank goodness I have friends to save me from that because otherwise that's exactly what I'd have to be doing. The social welfare system in this country is sub-subsistence and sliding. I know it's a net not a hammock but for goodness sake at least have a functional net. Otherwise it's a noose.

Apart from that, I'm fine :) How is everyone else? Regan you must be back from Japan?! How was it hun?

Posted by phreq at May 26, 2004 07:57 PM | TrackBack

gyah! i can't believe ur luck! :( hope u get better soon!! appendices are like some bad joke. no useful function, apart from to get infected. at least tonsils have a known function! (Vitamin E creams help tonnes with healing scars btw)

ooh. the site I've linked to will interest you Jen. it's a REALLY cool kiwi site for pet owners; specifically for owners of lost pets. huge registry of lost and found pets. thanks to it, I've confirmed that my Wesley is at the SPCA so I can pick him up tomorrow (he's been missing since Saturday, and if I'd not found him by the coming weekend, that prob would have been it for him). plus the site is great for giving warm fluffies - tonnes of success stories and helpful advice and links about pets. since u're surrounded by so many cats and dogs at the mo, it's prob a good site to bookmark! :)

anyhoo, get lots of rest!

Posted by: Zephfi at May 26, 2004 11:45 PM

Love and hugs!

...that's about all I can say. Much like Zephfi, I can't believe your luck! Well, fingers crossed that you'll get better fast and find more work.

Posted by: Jenni at May 27, 2004 10:21 AM

Wa-ah! I can't believe the unluck. Plust unfair that you have to go get a doctor's certificate when you have been in hospital. What's with that???

Love From Wgtn. Regs is back and we even had a party to celebrate.

Posted by: Giffy at May 27, 2004 06:51 PM

wah back i am! but most uninternetty. i think that the god of crap must be following you areound for some reason hon. i will try to send good luck wishes and karma your way!
also i will email you and not just post on ur blog! im at mums at the moment working on my research essay.

Posted by: regs at May 30, 2004 02:53 PM


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