July 24, 2004

Baking, dictionary-style

I've started reading the blogs of people I don't know (a function of not having enough to do with my time at the moment). It's been interesting. Are New Zealanders interesting people? Do I just think that because I'm from NZ? Is well-travelled the same as interesting? (I do hope so, that's my personal plan).

I've been fighting my demons a bit this week, and it's comforting to read about other people's ups and downs and sidewayses. I must get around to doing one of those 100 things list, because I love reading them.

I just made chocolate-chip cookies. They didn't turn out too bad, considering this was the first time I've baked in months. I bought things a bit at random in the supermarket (osaltad smör - unsalted butter? - yes, as it turns out). A happy discovery was that the supermarket sells Green & Blacks Mayan Gold chocolate. Thrilled skinny (or not skinny as the case may be, after eating the entire block).

It's been fabulous and sunny the last couple of days. I spent much of today on my balcony and in the courtyard, soaking up the sun. No complaints here.

Patrick and I went to see Harry Potter (och fången från Azkaban) last night. It was very much a compromise decision, as we have pretty much diametrically opposite taste in movies. So it was happy that we ended up enjoying it. Definitely an improvement on the last one.

I feel as though people look at me oddly on the streets here sometimes, and I wondered if I look obviously non-Swedish. That theory was dashed today, when someone stopped to ask me for directions in Swedish. My new theory is that I'm looking too happy and/or smiling at strangers (beeg no-no), although I would've thought I got over that particular quirk in Brtitain. Hmm.

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