July 18, 2004

Recipe for disaster

Does anyone have a good vegetarian quiche recipe? Maybe mushroom and spinach? I just spent half an hour wiffling about with Google. All the recipes I found seemed unnecessarily complicated, requiring things like 8 egg whites (?) or 2 cups of cream (ick).

Look at this. I've only been on the farm for a couple of weeks, and already I'm talking about recipes. Just you wait, I'll start knitting next.

The weather has been lovely the last couple of days, which has made being here a lot more fun. We went picking wild blueberries and strawberries yesterday. Wild strawberries (aka smultron) are very Swedish, I'm told. They're very small and entirely delightful. Heaven only knows how you pick enough to make more than one mouthful. Being-Swedish-Training Part II - You must collect your smultron by threading them on a straw (is this where the word straw-berry comes from?).

We did manage to pick several kilos of elderflowers (fläderblom) and we're planning to make cordial, in another cooking effort today. Yum. Picking elderflowers sounds like more fun than it actually is. I imagined strolling through a sunny field idly picking a flower here and there. . . .

Instead, they seem to have a symbiotic relationship with nettles. Elderflowers also grow on enormous bushes, just out of reach of your average Eithne. There were some predictably (un)hilarious moments with me falling over into huge nettle forests.

In other rural news today, I've also started work on the kitchen garden. All I've done there yesterday and today has been weeding, weeding and more weeding. I'm nearly finished, thank god. I think I'm developing Gardener's Back.

I found an entire frog family today, from baleful-looking Grandma frog down to little skippetty Junior. I'm going to have to re-house them before we start paving. Andreas is planning a Danish kitchen garden, with raised wooden beds and stone paving around the edges. That has to be happy times for my back.

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