July 13, 2004

No more a moat

I'm now living on an island surrounded by a moat. I just thought I'd say that to make you jealous - it's been one of my long-held dreams.

Unfortunately, it's a rather large island. The whole of the old part of the city of Malmö is surrounded by a moat. All we need now are drawbridges, which could be pulled up in case of emergency/invasion. If only the council had a bit more foresight. . .

I've been exploring the city today. There are some lovely old cobbled squraes that remind me a little of Edinburgh. People cycle everywhere. I find it very endearing. I think it's because there are all sorts of people I wouldn't expect to see cycling, from elderly ladies with their shopping, to small children trying to cause accidents, to the young-hip-coolsters on their rattly old machines. Everyone rides the same two brands of bicycle, which you'd think would cut down on bike theft considerably, but apparently not.

I'm keen to start cycling, but I'm waiting until I get a bit more used to the traffic driving on the right hand side of the road. Currently I am almost-run-over at least twice a day. It could only be worse on wheels. Especially since I haven't been on a bicycle in about ten years.

There's graffiti etched on the lift to my apartment. It's an 'E' with a love heart around it. I feel a little bit loved every day. ;)

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