August 02, 2004

Slut sale

In Swedish, 'slut' means end/finish. You can imagine how much amusement that provides me. Every shop in town has large signs advertising their 'slut rea' (rea meaning sale), and the decision on my residency was made by a beslutsfattare. Tee hee.

Still no job. Instead, I'm getting quite tanned from the large amounts of time I am spending in the sun every day. Obviously 'quite tanned' for me means off-white and freckly, but it's been good times. I'm recovered now from the whole bronchitis episode, which means I really have no more excuses for failing to sort my life out. I've been sending out CVs, but I think I need a more cunning plan.

Patrick had a gig on Saturday night. It was the first time I've seen them perform live, so that was great. Considering electronica is not really my thing (ssh, don't tell anyone) I still really enjoyed it, and had fun times dancing and checking out the pretty Swedish people.

I find the streets eerily quiet here at night. Perhaps I haven't been in the right places at the right times, but there was none of the raucousness of Edinburgh on a Saturday night. It was mostly mad drunk people in the 'Burgh, so I don't miss them all that much, except in the way that you get used to things.

I also went to a party in a bush on Thursday. Not being particularly good with Swedish (now there's the understatement of the year), I didn't get the difference between a party being in *the* bush or *a* bush.

So we arrived at the park to find many bicycles propped up against trees, and distant sounds of music and laughter. I was looking around the park in the twilight, when Patrick disappeared head-first into the nearest bush.

It turns out it was actually an avenue of bushes that had grown together over the top, providing a playhouse for big kids with lots of candles and drinks. It was a delightful idea for a party venue, but I'm glad I wasn't trying to find it by myself . . .

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