February 20, 2004

Massage extravaganza

Lying on my back, having both hands massaged at the same time . . . definitely the highlight of the day. This course is backbreaking hard work, but at the same time we get a whole lot of very good massages. :) I am just about surviving the early starts, although it does mean I have to mainline coffee all day. At least there is brilliant coffee at the guesthouse. We don't have a fridge, so now I get all excited about real milk in coffee.

I just picked up my new sandals from the shoemaker (a little hut by the side of the road, with two men busily hammering and sewing and glueing). They are totally brilliant, made-to-measure and only NZ$5. It's the first time I've had a pair of slip-ons that fit, because my feet are so narrow. Yay.

Lovely Indra has just come to collect me, and brought me a chocolate croissant. That girl is a star.

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