February 28, 2004

Night swimming

We slept on the beach last night. It was fantastic. I think it was the best night time swim I've ever had - the water was just so delightfully warm. Yay.

Getting all of us there, with a whole lot of wood for the fire, and a guitar, was the funniest expedition ever. We couldn't figure out how to strap the wood on the motorbikes, so we all just had to go veeerrry slow. There's a beautiful photo of Meagan on the back of a motorbike with a backpack, guitar, and a *massive* bundle of wood under her arm, extending about a metre out from the motorbike.

We made a very successful fire, cooked food, and attracted every crazy and amusing weirdo from miles around. Lots of impromtu fire-side singing and guitar-playing, including one very talented Russian guy.

This morning, on the other hand . . . . I woke up on the beach with smoke and sand in my eyes, seriously feeling the aftereffects of drinking dodgy Indian whiskey, to find a coconut-seller picking through our belongings. Micaela's camera was stolen in the night, and a torch went missing. I think we were probably lucky not to lose more stuff.

Talking of which, my rings and bracelet were stolen this week. I left them on the kitchen table overnight, so it was all my own fault. That doesn't make it any better. :( They had a lot of sentimental value. I was gutted, but I've decided it was their time to go. I think I was unhealthily attached to them. I've now 'lost' all my jewellery that isn't fantastic plastic. Wahey. Freedom means you've got nothing left to lose . . . or something.

I've changed my flight to April 4th. I think London in April should be a leetle warmer. Hopefully. I'm thinking I might do the Vippassana course at Bodh Gaya.

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