February 16, 2004

Thai India

I bought some Thai fisherman's trousers today, for the Thai Yoga Massage course. What country am I in again? Hmm. They're at the tailors, being adjusted for the grand sum of five rupees.

We registered for the course today. The guy that runs the course seems lovely, very calm. It's at a wonderful guesthouse, with a Japanese-style garden, a carp pond, and cool stone floors. It should be a very peaceful space to do the course.

We'll start at 5.45am tomorrow, with meditation and yoga. It'll be interesting to see how that goes. . . I've been waking up at 5am most mornings for the last week, but I think it's slowly killing me. How will I live without my afternoon nap?

Lots more people have arrived at the farm. I'm now sharing a capsule/hut again.
It feels like there are always mad amounts of people around at the moment, generally smoking on the verandah. At least I won't get bored and lonely. :) It's always very interesting having big d & ms. I don't know if it's all-India, but there reallly are a lot of people searching for something here.

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