February 13, 2004

Bulls and oxen

I went on a leaf collecting trip in a bullock cart yesterday (we're making compost). When John asked who wanted to go and collect leaves, all us tourists went "yay".

We didn't really think about how bone-crunching riding in a bullock cart is, not to mention the amount of creepy crawlies in dead leaves - scorpions, snakes, and a whole lot of ants. Hmm. The bullocks had green and orange horns for Pongal (the harvest festival). They look lovely. :) Just in case you were wondering about the difference between bulls and oxen, oxen are post-castration. There you go, don't say this blog isn't educational.

We had a big birthday dinner yesterday, for one of the guys here. Lots of hand-rolled (!) fresh pasta, chocolate cake, and vanilla fruit salad. Yay. It was a bit of an early night because of the 6.30 start this morning, so tonight is beer-drinking night.

The closest beer is three villages away. It's a bit of a trek. But you know, it tastes best when you've earned it. ;)

I'm terribly happy today. Who knows why. Maybe it's just another sunny day. Maybe it's because I think I'm going to stay for another month . . .

I'm really enjoying my new hut, now that I've got over waking up every time the cat tries to break in (imagining large groups of armed burglars). I've got rid of the enormous cockroach, and the frog seems to have made his own departure. The sides of my hut can be let down on a pulley, so I can watch the sun go down through the trees from the comfort of my hammock chair. Such a good time.

I think it's another childhood dream come true. I always wanted a great big tree house to live in. This one isn't actually in a tree, but it's raised off the ground and surrounded by trees, so it's pretty much as good as it gets.

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