February 11, 2004

Strangely sexy

Why is riding on the back of a motorbike so much fun? I wonder if that feminist training is all for nought, as I slip-slide into gender stereotypes. I'll probably start wearing skin-tight jeans and big hair any moment now.

I had two free rides yesterday. One was a totally luxury trip on the back of an Enfield, yeehah. And one hair-raising skid through the back streets of the villages (small children and chickens scrambling to get out of the way). I enjoyed both immeasurably.

Just in case you're about to give up on me, I do love to ride by myself as well. I suspect I just enjoy the diminished responsibility. And of course I don't have a great big motorbike that goes VRROOOM. But I want one. ;)

We went to see the movie Powaqqatsi yesterday. I didn't enjoy it. There were a lot of very beautiful images, but I like a narrative structutre in my movies.

Also, a lot of the images were of rural India. Being here makes me more aware of the fact that these are people's real lives. I guess it feels a bit inappropriate to me to look for beauty in other people's misery and toil, perpetuating that culture of the 'other'.

Other news... I had a Thai Yoga Massage, from a guy who just did the course I'm going to do next week. It was reeaally good. It made me feel quite enthused about doing the course, although I'm suspecting it might be quite like hard work. It is really physical. One part that we missed out involves swinging the other person around the room. Hmm. :)

Okay, so I'm going to make a brave attempt to go to a yoga class now. Ever since I lost my watch in Hyderabad, my timekeeping has gone to crap. I can never remember what day it is, let alone get to a class on time. ..

PS. Make comments! Go on, it'll be fun. Am I not controversial enough, or does no one care?

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