February 09, 2004

Going much too fast

So I'm speeding down the dirt road on my not-too-trusty speed . . . when it sputters a little and dies completely. This has happened twice now, and each time the guy who rented me the motorbike turns up and fixes it? Coincidence?

Hmm. So my scooter is a bit of a heap, but we're having a lot of fun together. I went to my last Body Awareness class today. Leaving, I was *totally* relaxed, zipping along the track through the trees in the hot sun. Utterly, completely content. Yay.

I'm quite aware of the fact that a lot of people have accidents because they think India is a good place to learn to ride a motorbike. So I was refusing to take people on the back, thinking of their own personal safety. But the last couple of days, I've been thinking it's okay as long as we go really slow. ;) And safer for me at night. If the heap breaks down, at least I have company for the walk home.

The Body Awareness course has been fantastic. Lots of amazing stretching. The classes are in an open-sided hall/hut, with a keet roof and a granite floor. Lying on the floor is beautifully cool, with the warm wind breezing through. Listening to the birds, and the windmill creaking, and the wind in the trees. . . . It is perfectly relaxing. My only problem has been falling asleep in almost every class.

I'm considering doing Tai Chi later this week with the same guy.

Hmm, other news. There was an American dance performance on Saturday night. That was pretty good, although there was a lot of talking, including speeches afterwards. Oh dear.

I've started reading a book called Loving Kindness. A lot of it is about giving to others. Apparently Buddha taught: “If you knew what I knew about generosity, you wouldn’t let one meal go by without sharing it.”

I'm practising becoming a more giving person. Except for chocolate biscuits. ;) For a long time, I've been taking care of myself, being good to myself. That's important too, but it's not a way that I am going to grow spiritually. This is part of allowing myself to be more open to the world.

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