October 25, 2006

Big squares

I have finally got round to starting a quilt for baby Daniel, who was born quite a few month ago - but he was at least a couple of months early. So I am not too late if we take it from his due date.

Anyway, its made of Really Big Pieces, so there is not much patchwork involved. I am using an american pattern, and the fabric they used was 60 inches wide. NZ fabric is forty four inches wide, so we had to do strange calculations in the shop - which didn't work anyway as I had to go back and buy more fabric...

And then the instructions didn't take into account general stupidity and I cut in the wrong direction. So now the diamond in the square MUST be less than fourty four inches across if this thing is going to look any good. The challenge at the moment is working out how I am going to get the diamond in the square squared up properly when it is so very big. No templates go over this sucker so I am going to be going back to using a tape measure. You know, primitive technology. And more particularly, using my brain. An underused organ in this body.

I was going to get a fellow quilter from school to help, but she accidentally wore jeans today, so is rushing home to change.

Posted by Toni at October 25, 2006 08:59 AM