October 19, 2006

Slacking badly

I should have been working all night on marking and on getting ready for the morning but instead I read a book. And it is SO hokey - its even based on quilting!

R went over to Palmy to scope out the new job, see a psychologist and write a report. Last year he spend months on a very similar report, this year he is cutting down to a few hours. Last year they ditched everything he wrote once, then changed half of the re-write, then re-jigged the whole exercise and he wrote a cut-down version in about one day. This time he is cutting to step 3 the first time! yay for learning!

So R is away for the night so I should be making the lunches tonight so I don't have to do them in the morning while I am yelling at C to put on his clothes. I really wish he could just put them on instead of waiting for the yelling every morning. Must just take him in PJ's once, that will convince him the threat is real.

So school is a-flutter with rumours as we have a significant capna round this year with at least 10% of the staff allowance cut. More like 25% actually... interesting to see how everyone believes it will not be them. And yet we are all expendable. With our potential move to Palmy it might work out quite well for me.

Posted by Toni at October 19, 2006 08:49 PM