October 18, 2006


I am so enjoying that thing of coming home and not having to immediately get into the lighting of fires and the cooking of dinner. With the sun being around and not leaving for a while it is possible to muck around outside with the little kiddies and they don't do the screaming thing for a long time. Today R took them on a bike ride and I did some cooking and it was all good.

It was a long day sort of. It started when I told the EOTC supervisor that I had taken kids on two field trips on two days, and NO ONE HAD DIED. He gave me a high five.

Then I saw my form class, then left for a root canal. But first I bought a lock for the bicycle, because I wasn't confident about leaving it outside for an hour and half unlocked.

After the root canal I returned to school and taught my biotechnology class for a couple of hours. I rode the bike to the junior child's childcare and we started the long walk home. It is about 300 metres - but with a two year old setting the pace that is a Very Long Way. Fortunately I was rescued by the husband.

Then we got home, had an argument about tools. He has many, but doesn't seem to care for them at all. So they get used as toys, are left lying around and there are no proper homes for them. Part of the problem is that he wants to create the Perfect Tool Home, and this takes a very long time. Long term projects are not for the boy, and so as they are never finished... well, the tools have no home. And they get bent broken and lost. And although if you want to do sewing or spinning or knitting I can get the gear for you in under 10 minutes including walking time, to attach a new locking bracket to a cycle with an allen key requires a visit to a neighbours to borrow a tool I know damn well we used to have in our garage. And possible do still have in there if only it could be found.

Its on there now, but I have got a hole on my hand from removing the cable from the bracket a couple of times - I must have the angle all wrong or something. Or it needs to be used a few times to wear the joint to allow it to move freely. Time will tell.

Posted by Toni at October 18, 2006 07:50 PM