October 20, 2006

Time for a Lesson!

Well now that Show and Jap trip is over, I should really be devoting my time to wedding things... instead I am taking lessons in prep for auditioning for Chicago.

Mad? Yes!

This week I have had both a dancing lesson and a singing lesson.

I haven't had a dancing lesson for *years* and I miss it. This one wasn't everything I wanted. It started late, because the actual dance school is doing a show. We didn't do any warming up, which is a pity, 'cause I was hoping to get some stretching done. Also, we only really got to do a tiny part of one song. We should be building on that next week though. I'm also getting the thing where I feel really awkward meeting new people. I feel like the geeky uncool girl and that noone likes me. *Hate that*!

Singing lesson was good. I asked Sokky to photocopy two songs for me to try, All that Jazz and Roxie. My teacher is pleased with me. My transitions between chest and upper voice are good, also, I'm healthy and generally in good voice. Need to work on support and breathiness, which is always true. It was decided that All that Jazz is a better audition number for me. Shows off my range more and is just a bit more swingy. Roxie has a much smaller range and isn't as interesting. I have a good voice for this type of music. Sok's is much better suited to floaty soprano than mine. Teacher approved of Sok's auditioning for Hoffman. I have two weeks 'til next lesson. Must practise "Zoo-i-a"s and "Ve Va Ve, Vle Vla Vle, Vrre Vrra Vrre"s.

Other things I have done this week include "reunion dinner" for trip and 2 gym visits. Didn't do any exercise yesterday 'cause had the dinner and singing and visited with Japanese teacher for a while after the dinner.

Things to do this weekend:
More invitiations must be made and some actually handed out!
Dinner with Bean and her Boy.
Miss Scarlet's Birthday Party.
Sleepover with Zeph.
Memorial in Otaki for Beau's Grandmother.
Possibility of heading to Paraparaumu Beach on Monday.
Hopefully sewing and exercise sometime.

Sokky, would you be interested in doing the Pilates class with me on Sunday in the Hutt?

And in the interests of other exercise, Dad is planning a walk from Khandallah park up Mt Kaukau then to Karori along the fridge to end with having a BBQ at Mum and Dad's. This is being planned for Sunday the 5th of November... we could probably have *more* fireworks then too!

Comments on any of the Above?

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