October 25, 2006

Achey achey shoulders

These are due to me taking 2 gym classes yesterday (swiss ball and yoga) and a gym class (box fit) and dancing class today. I had to get back on track though as I was totally slack after Wednesday last week.

This is because I am too busy (yes, it's that old tune again).

On Thursday, I had work dinner and singing lesson.

On Friday had dinner with Bean et boy.

On Sat I hung around with Beau making wedding invites, hemmed pants, met with Zeph and headed to Scarlett's B'day party. Then crashed at Zeph's.

On Sunday I drove to Foxton for lunch then Otaki for Beau's grandma's memorial, then stopped in Kapiti for Hotstuff at Matt and Debz, then dropped Beau at his RPG and swung by Zeph's for Princess Bride, then visited T and the Patch in their new flat and exchanged presents.

On Monday, got to sleep in with Beau, then drove back up to Kapiti and hung out at Luke and Sam's. Ate lunch, played cranium, hopped in spa, more ppl arrived, played charades type game taught to me by Beau et boy on Friday, also did some more wedding invite work. Drove back to Wgtn, had dinner at Beau's parents and did more invite work.

Tuesday, yesterday,work, two classes at gym, went home for dinner, then to A's house to watch ANTM that T had taped for me.

Wednesday, today, work, 1 gym class, Jonno's birthday impromptu BBQ, dance class, home.

Thursday, tomorrow, work, sauna at gym, pick up Jenni for RPG in K'town.

Friday, hopefully see Monk at monastery, then RPG in the haven of pines.

Saturday, dressmaker's appt and T's Halloween/Birthday party.

Sunday... rest? Please tell me if I've forgotten something.

The busy-ness and wedding stuff is kinda stressing me out. Beau and I kept mini-fighting over the weekend. I'm worried about wedding and next year with no job and no real plan. Luckily, Beau is basically fabulous and totally made me melt with love by playing me some possibly wedding songs.

I want to get into this musical that I'm taking singing and dancing lessons for. However, the dance lessons finished today 'cause not enough interest (actually probably good for me as I don't need the extra activity). The dancing lesson was better today, but I'm worried I'm not good enough to get in. That seemed to be what the instructor was saying. Yikes. Doesn't really matter though. I just want to know *now* if I'll get in or not so that I can have a better idea of what to do next year.

I do enjoy all my activities. That is the horror/joy of it all.

Only two days until the weekend and then I can sleep in!!
I need to do some sewing!

Point of Fashion: Have been outside, it is still cold.
Current Obsession: Dance

Posted by giffy at October 25, 2006 10:38 PM