October 17, 2006


This week/month seems extra jam-packed with various fundraising activities.

October is International Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
Work is doing some minor fundraising for it. We have already run out of pink wrist bands. I saw an "article" on 60min last night about people trying to get money for Herceptin and Zeph was at a fundraiser for that just this weekend past.

This week is also Bandanna week. This is a fundraising event for Canteen, an "NZ organisation supporting young people living with Cancer". Work doesn't seem to be selling them, so I'll need to go into BP or New World or something if I want one. The patterns this year look extra cool!

I also found a flier amidst the junk mail for the Plunket Annual Appeal. This is also the week for that! They don't try to entice you with wrist bands or bandannas. You do get to see pictures of lovely jubbly babies. I'll try and send something off for that too. Plunket is an awesome NZ resource and I want it to be there for me to use too!

All these wonderful charities. Don't you kinda wish the government could give some of that "surplus" to them?

Point of Fashion: I was asked to wear Pink!
Current Obsession: $$$

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