October 16, 2006

Nothing Much

Had a good weekend and had much fun catching up with ppl at Jenni's birthday bash.

I'm very pleased that I decided not to just blob at home on Friday and instead went out and saw some of the people I thought I'd be missing on Sat. It meant that I visited Sass's flat for the first time and it is BIG! They have a wonderful loft with sky-lights that I declared as being perfect for a sleepover. Now Sassa just has to *organise* it. Who knows when it will happen?

Weekends just keep getting more and more booked. I have at least 2 things I have been invited to in December and neither have anything to do with X-mas!

In party news:
Sokky and Miss Pain looked Fab as the two flinstone ladies. Sooo cool.
Zeph's J is most adorable (and flattering) when tipsy.
I want Evie's corset sooo bad. Nevermind that it wouldn't fit me at all. I *wants* it!
I hope I get to wear my wedding dress again and that I look as lovely as the birthday girl when I do.
I got to re-wear a bridesmaids dress! I'm thinking my hens night theme will be "bridal party" and that you must wear an outfit you have previously worn to a wedding.
Also, I looked hot in that bridesmaids dress. Not often that you get to say that!
Jenni's left earring kept trying to escape!
Want to see babies in real life and not on tiny camera screen. Must organise with Bean so that she can come too!

Things I should be doing:
Looking for my Jazz shoes.
Typing out stuff for my wedding invites.
Exercycling (although not that much since I already went to gym).
Getting ready for bed.
Figuring out how to get some sheet music before Thursday!

Point of Fashion: I have sweated in this
Current Obsession: My arms are achey!

Posted by giffy at October 16, 2006 09:23 PM