October 12, 2006


Beau talked to his parish priest and confirmed that he will do our wedding *at* the temple!

Have had Bean and *her* beau as houseguests. They are now looking for work and house-sitting for my parents in K-town.

Dad is still retired... but currently earning more per week doing contract work than he was before.

Muggle and Bambi have been training elephants, white water rafting and staying in 5 star hotels!

I didn't put on too much weight in Japan. I guess walking around looking at temples and lugging 20kg suitcases may count as exercise.

I have two RPGs I need to do character stuff for.

Have no costume sorted for Sat!!

I have 2 birthday parties the following Sat... woe!

Have been told several times in the past week that I'll be a "great loss". Awwww!

Had a visit from Stoozle last night and tried on bridesmaids dress #3. Hopefully I'll make it to *this* hens party!

Looking forward to saying Hi to ppl on Sat. Doubt I'll have time to actuall *catch up* with anyone, then again, I wasn't away long enough to really need a catch up.

Have been to hospital everyday for the last 3 days visiting cousin.

Have many wedding or audition things I should/could be doing instead of blogging... ah well, Bedtime!

Point of Fashion: Exercise has been had!
Current Obsession: procrastination

Posted by giffy at October 12, 2006 10:08 PM