October 07, 2006

Happy and Home

There was some worry last night, when a storm hit Tokyo, that we wouldn't make it home on time. The flight was late, but we did get away safely and arrived in Auckland, just in time to make the connecting flight home. Phew!

The trip was a success. The students were fabulous! Really very positive and supportive of one another. I was especially proud of their performances at the farewell party the school put on.

I feel really lucky to get to go with them, as I am unlikely to attend a school trip to a foreign country again. I never got that chance when I was a student. I only hope that they realise their own good fortune.

Anyone may go on a tour and visit shrines, temples and shopping trips, it is really only school trips that organise the chance for you to stay at the home of a foreign family and get to experience the *real and current culture*.

They made many new friends and cemented existing friendships. They got to try out many new and varied foods. They got to shop in malls, in stalls and in Disneyland! They were taken out of their comfort zone and handled it with aplomb. They probably learnt more than they realise ;)

Even though I *should* have probably spent the money and time on planning my wedding, or at least doing some school work, I wouldn't change the trip. Very, very cool.

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