January 31, 2005

First Day Back

Well, today I went back to school. It was actually really neat not being the new one and having kids say Hi, and even hugging me! Madness!

I'm now totally relaxed about my junior subjects but am having a minor freak out over my senior Chem. I'll be teaching with my HOD and the other senior science teacher, so I feel I have a lot to learn. Plus how could I possible teach my kids as well as they'll teach theirs?

Also, today I took out $5000 from the bank. That is a whole lot of money! They gave it to me in $50s! I then carefully drove it home and took it to the lawyers, where I handed it over as the security deposit on my house. Now Muggle and I have completely fulfilled our side of the bargain to become unconditional. It is up to the vendor to fulfill her side.

We were supposed to becoming completely unconditional today, but, when the building inspector went over and inspected it, she freaked out about all the stuff he said wasn't perfect about it. I mean this house is over 50 years old. It isn't in perfect condition. She thought we weren't going to buy it so she didn't do the work that she said she would in out contract, namely sealing a bunch of stuff in the bathroom and fixing a window. This means we are delaying the stuff for another day. *sigh*. Muggle and I are going over tonight to check that she has done the stuff now, and also to adjust the contract to add the stuff she isn't going to be able to finish for a couple of weeks. It's no big deal really as we aren't actually getting it until mid-March.

There was something kind of weird that happened when I went to the lawyer's. He said that since we were, in affect, now property owners, we should be thinking about our wills! I said I'd just make it out to our parents. He said, what about if you have kids? I said, well then I'll change it, but that isn't happening soon. Anywho, it's weirded me out.

Do you have a will? Have you thought about it? If so, who gets what? If not, when will you and what will you put in it?

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