January 27, 2005

I don't want anything to change.

There are several things that I seem to be blocking out due to the horror.

1) I have to move our of my flat next weekend.
2) I have to start back at work next week.
3) I have to sign my life aw-... go unconditional on buying a house with my sister on Monday.
4) I have to see a dentist.
5) I have to get some new pants for school.
6) I have to move in with my parents for 6 weeks.
7) I have to change my sheets and launder the other ones
8) I have to get a haircut
9)I have to put some money onto my cell phone
10) I have to get the whole broken on-off button on my cell phone seen to or else buy a new phone- boo!
11) I have to put some petrol in my car.
12) I have to pay off my credit card.
13) I have to change the automatic deposit paying for rent.

Thirteen seems like an appropriate number of things. I am seriously feeling weird about the whole "moving out of cool flat, buying a house with my sister, starting my second year of teaching, currently being skint due to too much holidaying" - thing. Argh.. I'm happy where I am right now, being on holiday, having cool flatmates, having nice boyfriend. Could we please freeze today before I have to go back to "real life" of job and soon to be humongous debt?

My whole big OE plan is going to have to go on hold for a good year more because I won't be able to go swanning off overseas when I have to make mortgage payments. On the plus side... nothing... oh yeah, I'll have half a house, eventually, when we pay off our lender. Hurrah.

Must go motivate myself somehow.... chocolate custard is always good ;)

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