January 24, 2005

Because I feel I should say something more.

KapCon 14 was my most favourite KapCon so far.. I think, at least in the last year anyway ;). I played in some really awesome games and want to acknowledge some of the GMs

NP (I got confused earlier and said LP) for running an AWESOME Samurai Pizza Cats game. It had props, theme music, pictures, silly finishing moves and fabulous final poses, oh yeah, the other players were ok too ;)

C (the adventurer) for running a great game called The Borders. I had heaps of fun being confused and then pretending to be confused and finally escaping to be a ghost in the shell!

Jenni, should I even bother saying anything,? She won an award for it! Had a great time and a great bunch . It was scary how JP WAS Mr Dar... Knight. Big props to JK & amphigori for running off together. I also loved the description of a "Bile coloured" dress, so yay to Star too.

The LARP had many GMs so good work them, nevertheless Debz and Matt were missed. I had a fun time playing an over-proud enslaved Amazon Queen. It was sooo great having a team of slavers that I knew so that I could Roleplay to the limit and they would know that I wasn't actually a complete brooding bitch. Pimpster T-mac and Luscious Lucy both had crazy appropriate accents and attitudes not to mention the costumes. Amazing. Magic Stick was a very loyal side-kick who still tried to be nice to me after many rebuffs. He was very attentive and I only escaped his watchful eye at the very end thanks to both my Amazon troupe and the Mystic Monks. I loved the green airbrushed "eye" make-up. It made us Amazons immediately identifiable as a group, we were perhaps one of the most obvious factions.. after the Monks anyway. The Amazons were a great bunch of women and all role played awesomely. I had probably the most fun at this LARP out of ANY LARP I have EVER played. I know that this is thanks to the GMs but also especially to the other people I interacted with. Thanks so much. You guys rock!

PS I'm sure I would only have had more fun if Matt and Debz were there and fancy free. I hope that next year they will be,


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