January 23, 2005

Too much stuff so only summaries

Well, I got my full driver's licence finally and so we were able to borrow the Folly (aka the van that Mum bought that Dad didn't want) for our road trip. I was shaking with relief when he told me I had passed the test.

I was the only one who had a full and since I haven't had it long enough the restricted person couldn't drive so I drove from Wellington to Cape Reinga.

Day 1: got licence, Organised D.vice party, picked up HP and Lee (late sorry) and we started the trip with a short drive to Hokio. Met up with Sass, Sekhmut, Jenni and Zeph there. I slept in my new Christmas tent. Had Pizza for Dinner.

Day 2: Stayed in Hokio, did not go swimming (others did) went into town for supplies and people bought much knitting goods, I also got a boob tube in an attempt to get rid of strap lines. Had Roast Beef for Dinner.

Day 3: Drove from Hokio to Taupo (people in Folly are now Lee, HP, Sass and of couse me). Stayed with Beau's lovely family there and did not have to stay in tents! Swam in Lake. Minor family scandals occured which we witnessed. Had BBQ with yummy Chorizo sausages for Dinner.

Day 4. Massive day of driving. Drove from Taupo to Matakohe. Stopped and had lunch on the way at the Hamilton Gardens. Stayed at lovely Bed and Breakfast. Everyone should go there. $50 each a night but they also give you dinner and a cooked breakfast. The toilet there was cool and the water you used to wash your hands was recycled into the cistern. Edsel and June were the 70+y.o. hosts and Edsel's family had always lived in the area. He took us on a tour of the area after dinner. Sooo nice! They live an easy walk from the Kauri Museum. Had Chicken Casserole for Dinner (Peach flan for dessert).

Day 5 aka the Day of Kauri. Had scrambled eggs and bacon on toast at best B&B ever. Then went and spent over an hour at the Kauri Museum. $12 is pretty expensive but how often do I go there? Museum shop had many beautiful and unaffordable things, but I did by a brooch that June had made (her and Edsel also volunteer at the Museum) out of the Female and Male Kauri cones. Coveted Gum jewellery that I could not afford. Drove north and had lunch at Kai Iwi lakes, HP gave us mini tiki tour of Kumara Country and we bought some Kumara. Drove north but stopped at a small shop that also had Kauri goods. Very affordable. Each of us bought a bowl and Lee bought me a wonderful present for being driver, a beautifully shaped and coloured piece of Kauri Gum. Drove North and stopped to see Tane Mahuta. Drove North and did not know about ferry so took long route along the coast. Stayed at Jonno's parents house. Swam in sea. Had KFC for Dinner.

Day 6. The day we went up and came back down again. Drove to Cape Reinga and nearly ran out of petrol at the top. Had lunch and took photo's and amazed at awesome views. Drove south to Bay of Islands. Stopped on way to visit family friends of mine, admired their puppy. Reached Bay of Islands and stayed with Sass's Step-G. Long day of driving. Had Butter Chicken for dinner.

Day 7. Did not drive anywhere. Swam and lounged and knitted. Had Nacho's for Lunch and Roast Chicken for dinner.

Day 8. Had Pancakes with bacon and banana and maple syrup for Brunch. Did not swim as evil Jelly fish! Did drive to Russell in order to make calls on Cellphones. Also bought some necessities and had ice creams. Had Lasagne for dinner.

Day 9. Sadly Left Bay of Islands. Soo beautiful and restful there. Drove to Hamilton. On the way we stopped and Candyland. So much Candy! Stayed with HPs brother and his family of blondes. Many cute children many stories were read. Had BBQ for dinner.

Day 10. Drove via Rotorua to Taupo. Had berries from the Olde Berry Farm. I ate a whole punnet of raspberries. Walked around and smelt in Rotorua. On way into Taupo drove and looked at Huka Falls. Got to Beau's family's place. Swam in the lake. Had BBQ steak and chicken Kebabs for dinner.

Day 11. Packed up and drove back to Wellington and loved ones. On same day after dropping everyone off, took Folly to get WOF, looked at house and put bid on it. Bid was accepted. Amazing. Also got to see my Beau again. Love him.

Since then have been sorting house stuff, hosted D.Vice party, also have attended Kapcon. Had fun and played games. Being surly Amazon slave and escaping was great. Jenni and Svend both won GM prizes. So good. Am very tired. I'll be walking the Orogogorongo's tomorrow if anyone is interested.

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