June 06, 2006


Just because I love this joke:

"vivivi: The Editor of The Beast."

*rotfl* :)


Roman numerals

text editors

The Beast

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June 05, 2006


I was asked pointedly (in the interests of promotion) to name a musical influence.

I was stumped.

Just one?

One that sticks out more than the others?

I couldn't think of a damn thing. I've made such an effort to try to find my own musical style and expression, that I wouldn't say I'm influenced much by what I listen to - more by who I play with.

On reflection this is the list I'd suggest in no particular order:

Joan Baez (as my Mum sang it)
Joan Armatrading (early years)
Beatles (Sgt Pepper)
Buddy Holly
Rod Stewart (early years)

Because they were the only albums my parents had when I was little.

I doubt that helps much.

I just like music where the different parts work off each other and create a beautiful whole. I think you should be able to listen to any part of the music and be interested by it.

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batwoman, ya know?

DC is taking on a new 'progressive' approach to their characters and has decided to write Batwoman as a lesbian.

Batman (and Superman) aren't in this version of Gotham City, so you they've avoided those awkward conversations. Pity Wonder Woman won't be there either.

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