July 30, 2006

fool for love

by Sam Shepard. Currently on a Bats.

and good, too. This wasn't my must-see of the year, but it was well worth the night out (and in winter, that is saying something).

I don't think this play is an easy one to act in. The themes are treated well, and there are some good laughs, but the overall effect is dark. Consequently the actors have my respect for their generous performance. They pull it off really well.

For me, it was the plot that really won. It develops the characters and puts them into their context beautifully, which is needed for the material. Just a hint of super-realism to make it more than just kitchen-sick drama.

Details (and probably reviews) here.

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July 26, 2006

all natural eyeshadow

Yup, nothing like a cat punching you in the eyebrow to give you a totally natural, and just delightful, red-gold glow above your eye. No need for messy chemicals or powders, your skin will naturally change colour!

Of course, now i have to figure out how to make the other eye match...

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July 21, 2006

there is glee

in wandering about in the hail when your clothing makes you impervious to the cold and the pointy.

I am thwarted in my attempts to take photos of snow on the rimutakas so far though.

Maybe tomorrow.

After a hot bath.

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July 12, 2006

blondie live

C found the blondie reunion tour live album for me at Real Groovy and I bought it with my birthday vouchers. I wasn't sure what to expect, what with it being a reunion tour and all. and them being old.

But it totally rocks. Debbie Harry is officially my hero. Not only has she kept the voice she had 20 years earlier, she's more cunning with the melody. I like the live versions of all the songs better than the original. There's even a bit in Atomic where I practically have to sing out with the audience. Which is embarrasing at work.


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