November 02, 2006

firefox 2.0

is out. and very, very shiny. :)

I've also been hunting down add-ons and have found:
* stylish (lest me override the ugly style-sheets on the reference websites I use at work)
* download statusbar (gets rid of the annoying firefox download popup and puts it into the bottom border of the browser window instead).

I also found lightning (a calendar add-on to thunderbird). Now I have no reason to use Microsoft products. From what I hear about Vista, I think Microsoft's grip on the universe is slipping.

I hope it fails. I think Operating Systems and the basic common data formats for business are basic infrastructure. And like railtracks or the national grid, they benefit the country most when provided at cost. Otherwise someone ends up gouging a monopoly rent off all businesses, and the whole economy suffers. Also, it gives a private company the power to pull the plug on things it doesn't like if it wants to. Too much power in non-elected hands, I say.

Better to try to find some way to use Open Source to produce the common tools.

Posted by carla at November 2, 2006 09:01 PM
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