November 19, 2006


I'm not a fan of overpopulation. It seems to be a fine way for people to start to get mean and stupid about overusing resources and generally find ways to make themselves miserable.

So I thought I'd add to the problem.

After 5 years of planning, I'm pregnant.

It's odd so far, but not worse than not being pregnant. Barely felt sick or tired so far. Restricted food is a pain, but enjoying the simple things like how sunshine smells is fair compensation.

It is a lot like going through puberty all over again tho. Which I can do without. I've never been particularly fond of being female, and being pregnant is definitely an experience that happens in a female body.

We've had the first scan (which is what I was waiting for before telling everyone) and bean (code-name for foetus) is doing nicely. I'm astonished at its ability to organise such a complex thing all by itself.

I'm also feeling a little odd about telling people. It's oddly like coming out all over again. Most people have been really happy though. And lots of hugs is nice. No-one has talked to my stomach instead of me so far, for which I am grateful.

Posted by carla at November 19, 2006 05:26 PM
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