October 29, 2006

it rains

and rains and rains.

It looks like cliche movie rain.

It was heavy enough that I started wondering how fast the water would have to fall from the sky in order to produce Noah's flood (and how it related to Wellington weather events).

This rather sniffy person has done almost all the calculations for me.

It suggests that sea level was rising at a rate of 140 mm/min, or 2.3 mm a second. Which is at least technically possible. Though as the sniffy person points out, the kinetic energy released by water falling at that rate would release enough energy in heat to vaporise the water anyway.

It also occurred to me that the water receding would either have to be done by pulling it out of the pacific ocean or evaporating it at a hell of a rate. I prefer the evaporation story as it suggests less erosion.

Last recorded measurement for Wellington from Met Service was 2.6mm/hr. Not quite biblical.

Posted by carla at October 29, 2006 04:53 PM
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