June 24, 2003

new job

Hi all, in case you didn't know, I've got a new job. In Newlands (of all places). Well, actually on the bit of newlands right by the top of the Ngauranga Gorge. The pay is better, the dress code is mmore flexible, they provide beer and pizza to the staff on Friday afternoons. Company is eservglobal. Has offices in England, NZ and Australia. Appears to have sort of started in NZ, and still does most of the software development here. I went out there for a look and liked the place okay. They have a very open plan approach, and a nice level of chat. Most people seemed to be reasonably adult, but tollerably playful *yay!*.

The actual work is writing technical manuals for Intelligent Networks software. As far as I know, Intelligent Networks are bits of software that direct calls around the country and then charge you for it. Clients may include people in Indonesia and Poland, with possbility of travel to see how they use the manuals (user testing and feedback - all good). I'll be working in something called the Media Team with 3 other people. The team leader has a training background, and the other two have around 23 years worth of technical writing experience between them. I scored higher on the geek test than any of them.

The company is pretty heavy tech (there was a huge competition about who got the highest geek score) but the two people who hired me seem to be less naturally techy than I am, so I'm kinda assuming that I'll appear reasonably light tech, but still be acceptable. I'm mostly nervous that I'll fall into the 'documenters aren't real people, and they don't add real value' trap with the developers. Okay, I'm also nervous that my OOS will get worse, and that teh subject matter will be so boring I spiral into complete unproductivity.

No doubt the things that are actually problems will be completely different.

I had a poke around Johnsonville (which is actually the nearest centre) and discovered a pleasing bakery (NADA) and a mall with something that appeared to be decent coffee. Also ASB have a branch, so I will actually be closer to most necessary facilities than I have been at Vic. And I get to commute against the traffic again . And walking around Newlands on a weekday has the unmistakable feel of being out of school when no one else is.

I'll probably have a work email, but I've migrated my personal life to carla@stonesoup.co.nz (thanks Iona and Kim), so future correspondance should probably be sent there...

Hee! I can wear jeans again!

Posted by carla at June 24, 2003 03:55 PM
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